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Book 3 | Chapter 28 | Spy for a Spy

“I have a thousand eyes and ears, spread across the kingdom, and even outside. I have my men even inside the Pazhuvoor palace. One of them told me about Vandhiyathevan’s actions. I also have people like Alwarkadiyan, who roam around the kingdom to get me information. So, I would think, I have enough capacity to know a lot about what is happening in the kingdom.”

Book 3 | Chapter 22 | What is that sound?

“I brought vibrant flowers from the gardens of the Devas, and you said, these are no comparison to the simple jasmine flowers that bloom in our backyards. I brought back Indra’s jewels, and you rejected them refusing to wear someone else’s jewels. I did severe penance to Lord Shiva, and got you Goddess Parvathi’s anklets. You said that it would be a sin to wear Jaganmaatha’s anklets and asked me to return them back to her.” 

Book 3 | Chapter 19 | The Saviour

Pinakapani, could not get in to listen to Thirunaarayur Nambi. But he intently observed Vandhiyathevan. He saw Vandhiyathevan observing the Princess constantly. There was one other person who was observing Pinakapani watching Vandhiyathevan. He was none other than our old friend Alwarkadiyan Nambi.  

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