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Book 3 | Chapter 21 | Are you a mother?

“You are my biggest enemy. Are you even a mother? I cannot imagine how a mother can do this to her own son. You are a rakshashi. I will not let go of the throne. I will not listen to you, or even if my father comes back and tells me. I want this great Chozha throne.” 

Book 3 | Chapter 16 | Madhurantaka Thevar

Until recently, when he had wed the daughter of the Chinna Pazhuvettarayar, Madhuranthakan did not have an inkling of a thought about the throne. His intentions started changing after that. These thoughts were carefully fuelled by Nandini. We already saw the secret meeting between the vassal kings and the Pazhuvettarayars, endorsing Madhuranthakan for the throne.

Book 3 | Chapter 15 | Kaalamugars

He realised that they were Kaalamugars, a type of Veera Shaivites who were descendants of Kaapalikas, and followed their ways of life. The only difference in Kaalamugars were that they did not follow the practice of human sacrifice.