Book 2 | Chapter 53 | Music of Refuge

The General paused for a bit. “But beware, do not get too close to the Prince. It is not good for you. You should realise who you are, and who he is. Stick to casting your net in the sea and catching fish. Do not even attempt to cast your net on the Prince. This is my final warning.”

Book 2 | Chapter 52 | Broken Craft

Another bolt of lightning lit the sky. And right in front of them was a ship with its mast burning. In that light, the Prince could see a lone man standing next to the mast.

Book 2 | Chapter 51 | Squall

Slowly he opened his eyes and looked upward. The lightning had struck the mast, and the sail was on fire. He thought to himself – it looks like the God of Fire (Agni) has achieved what the Gods of Rain (Varuna) and Wind (Vayu) could not do!

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