Book 2 | Chapter 49 | Chase the Ship

“Prince, it has been like this ever since the Pazhuvettarayars were given powers. It has been like this for a while.”

Book 2 | Chapter 47 | Deranged Laughter

“I came hunting for the Chozha tiger, but, instead found the Vaanarkulam fox. Not a bad catch.”

Book 2 | Chapter 43 | I am Guilty

“Parthibendran and I did not know what happened inside the hut. We recently got to know that it was a girl who had given refuge to Veerapandiyan. She had stood between Karikalan and her lover, the Pandiya King. Karikalan had kicked her aside and beheaded the King.”

The General said in a slow voice, “Prince, that girl inside the hut – she was Nandini. “

Book 2 | Chapter 41 | Look over there

Is it really true that the Pazhuvettarayars have sent forces to arrest and capture our Prince? Why are we still calm and sitting here? We should start immediately, take on those two boats first, and vanquish those forces. We will bury them right here in Lanka. And then we will go after the Pazhuvettarayars.”

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