Month: February 2023

Book 3 | Chapter 46 | Vanathi Laughed

When the Prince was young, he fell into the River Cauvery and a lady saved his life. Some time back, he fell into the ocean, and a boat girl saved his life. Throughout his life, he has been saved only by women. To improve his reputation, today, he has finally saved a lady from falling into the water. Should he not be thankful to me?” 

Book 3 | Chapter 45 | Vanathi in Danger

“I have been drowning in these thoughts, day and night, Thambi. I think there are two people who might know about all this. One is the Royal Matron Sembiyan Maadevi. I feel she knows some parts of this story. The other is our Chief Minister, Aniruddha Brahmarayar. I think he knows everything.”