Book 3

Book 3 | Chapter 15 | Kaalamugars

He realised that they were Kaalamugars, a type of Veera Shaivites who were descendants of Kaapalikas, and followed their ways of life. The only difference in Kaalamugars were that they did not follow the practice of human sacrifice.

Book 3 | Chapter 14 | Flying Horse

“I admire your courage and your honesty, sir. That is why I like you. I do not see too many people. I do not ride the chariot like the Princess. I travel in a closed palanquin. I speak to only those from whom I need work done. And most of them are spineless and lack honesty. You speak your mind.” 

Book 3 | Chapter 13 | Poisonous Dart

There was a uniquely sweet smell surrounding him in the palanquin. He could not fathom what it was, but it was intoxicating. His mind was playing tricks on him. He now thought it might not be a bad idea to meet Nandini once more. He wanted to see what she wanted from him. He also wanted to know the truth behind the mute queen in Lanka, looking similar to her.  

Book 3 | Chapter 11 | Blacksmith

All he needed to do now was to get to Princess Kundavai, update her of the events, and then take rest. He imagined the happiness that the Princess would feel, when he gave the updates about her brother.

Book 3 | Chapter 9 | Three of them in a Boat

The next dawn broke beautifully. Birds rustled out of their sleep and flew out of their trees. Insects buzzed around the flowers and on the water surface. Poonkuzhali woke up with a start. Sendhan Amudhan was rowing the boat. The Prince was still sleeping in front of her. Was he sleeping? Or was he still unconscious from the fever. 

Book 3 | Chapter 6 | Poonkuzhali’s shock

The magician sniggered. “My magic powers are much more superior to the predictions that are made using the stars. Do you not know that I created the squall out of the calmest waters, using my magical powers? Even that stupid Vallavarayan did not believe it initially. I am sure he must have believed it, when he drowned.” 

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