Month: October 2020

Book 2 | Chapter 3 | Lighthouse Keeper

“I can see that you are lying. Just two days ago, two men came here. They also were telling similar lies like the one that you are telling. They said that a magician had sent them, and that they had to get tiger nails and elephant tail hair, for some occult ritual that they were going to perform. They wanted to go to Lanka to get these items. My brother has taken them in his boat.”

Book 2 | Chapter 2 | Quicksand

Poonkuzhali stopped in mid-step and turned around. She saw that he was stuck in the quicksand. She looked around and saw an abandoned craft. To his amazement, she jumped on to it, and paddled deftly through the wet sand and crossed the quicksand pit. She jumped on to firm land on the other side. She got down on all fours, firmly gripped Vandhiyathevan’s hand, and slowly pulled him out.

Book 2 | Chapter 1 | Poonkuzhali

The small craft had a young lady manning it. She does remind us of the beautiful description that Sendhan Amudhan had given of his cousin, Poonkuzhali. Yes, it was indeed her. Her dark long tresses of hair dropped down to her shoulders. She was leaning back comfortably on her craft and singing a melancholy song.