Month: January 2022

Book 3 | Chapter 3 | The Owl Hoots

She sighed a sigh of relief when the Pazhuvettarayar climbed aboard the ship. “I was worried till he reached the ship safely. He is getting old. Did you see how much loyalty that he has to the Chozha kingdom? Did you see how he got broken when he heard the news about the Prince from you? Do you think the Prince could have escaped?” 

Book 3 | Chapter 2 | Lust Trap

“Devi, my name is Parthibendra Pallavan.”

“Parthibendra, why did you just stop with your name? Why not your titles? Why the sudden humility? Parthibendran is the conqueror of Venganaadu and Kalingam; and is the one who beheaded Veerapandian.”

Book 3 | Chapter 1 | Kodikkarai

The squall had left its mark on the Chozhanaadu coastline. From Kodikkarai, all the way to Kaveripoompattinam, the strong winds had uprooted trees, blown away roofs of houses, and caused widespread damage.
Periya Pazhuvettarayar and his wife, Nandini had just reached Kodikkarai the previous day.