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Book 3 | Chapter 46 | Vanathi Laughed

When the Prince was young, he fell into the River Cauvery and a lady saved his life. Some time back, he fell into the ocean, and a boat girl saved his life. Throughout his life, he has been saved only by women. To improve his reputation, today, he has finally saved a lady from falling into the water. Should he not be thankful to me?” 

Book 3 | Chapter 45 | Vanathi in Danger

“I have been drowning in these thoughts, day and night, Thambi. I think there are two people who might know about all this. One is the Royal Matron Sembiyan Maadevi. I feel she knows some parts of this story. The other is our Chief Minister, Aniruddha Brahmarayar. I think he knows everything.”

Book 3 | Chapter 42 | The Fever Subsides

Sometimes the Prince felt that he had reached heaven. He wondered how he had reached heaven and remembered the boat ride to here. He remembered the fragrant flowers on the sides of the canal. He remembered the Devakumaran and the Devakumari who brought him here. The Devakumaran was probably a Shiva Bhakthan, because he had sung quite a few Thevaram songs. The Devakumari had only spoken a few words in their entire journey. Her voice seemed like music to his ears. She looked at him with warmth. He wondered where they were now.  

Book 3 | Chapter 40 | Aanaimangalam

The elephant continued its majestic gait. There were soldiers in front and at the back of the elephant. The rain stopped. She saw the clouds disperse and the stars come out. She wondered if the astrologer’s words of her son, who would rule the three worlds, would be true. She drifted off to sleep.  

Book 3 | Chapter 39 | Gajendra Moksham

“I had received information that a girl with knowledge of a very important information related to the state, was traveling on this stretch of road to Nagapattinam. She knows information about someone who is a great threat to the kingdom. I had given orders to my men to capture her and bring her here. Perhaps they might have gotten the wrong person.” 

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