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Book 2 | Chapter 24 | It is all Kundavai’s plan

“Listen, there is even more to what he has to say. He claims that you met this young spy outside the Thanjavur gates when you were travelling here. He also says that you must have given him the ring then. He claims that the spy also came into this very palace and met you surreptitiously here. Or, he says, the ring must have gotten to him through that other magician who keeps frequenting this palace.”

Book 1 | Chapter 39 | Amudan to the rescue

Vandiyathevan wanted to take care of the guard first. He lunged towards him and slit his throat. He then focused on his friend. Kandanmaran was laying limp half inside the chamber, half outside. He gave Kandanmaran a push, and slipped out of the chamber. He noticed that the wall closed behind him automatically.

Book 1 | Chapter 5 | Kuruvai Koothu

Theru koothu — Street play — source wikipedia (Gowri Sankar Photography) Read from the first Chapter — https://medium.com/son-of-cauvery They walked along a long passageway to the other end of the courtyard,

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