Month: October 2022

Book 3 | Chapter 34 | The Torch went out

A flood of thoughts raced through Vandhiyathevan’s mind. What happened to Vanathi? He had no idea. What happened to Madhuranthakan? Again, he was clueless. What will happen to him, by the end of the night? That seemed to be a dead end too.This seemed to be a coup more complex than what he had seen being planned in the Kadambur palace.

Book 3 | Chapter 32 | Brahma’s head

Vandhiyathevan shuddered thinking about the bed-ridden Sundara Chozhar in Thanjavur, the Prince Arulmozhi suffering from the tropical fever in Nagapattinam, Prince Aditya Karikalan meeting the Pazhuvoor Rani in Kadambur, and Madhuranthakar, whose recent lust for the throne had angered the people.