Book 3

Book 3 | Chapter 29 | The Change in Vanathi

Chapter 29: The Change in Vanathi

Princess Kundavai got ready to go to the prison to release Vandhiyathevan. She needed to send him on his next mission. She saw Vanathi approaching her.

“Vanathi, I am sorry I left you and came here in a hurry. I still have one more thing to take care of, and then I will come to you. Can you please be in the garden? Please do not go too close to the water.”

“Akka, I do not wish to inconvenience you. I would like to go to my hometown, Kodumbalur. Please give me your permission.”

“Girl, what is this? Why are you also giving me a shock like this? What is this newfound love for your hometown?”

“Akka, I have nothing but respect and gratitude for you. There is no new love for my hometown. I do not have anyone there. I remember my mother wanting to perform a puja at the Kali temple there, but she passed away before she could carry it out. Perhaps, that is the reason why I am still having these fainting spells. I wanted to ensure it is taken care of.”

“Vanathi, I can send someone right away to go and do the puja on your behalf…”

“Akka, there is one more reason. My uncle, General Kodumbalur Periya Velaar is on his way back from Lanka. I know he will not come here to Pazhayarai. I would like to be in Kodumbalur to welcome him. I would also like to know the current status of the war in Lanka.”

“Oh, so you want to go and hear about the brave deeds of Ponniyin Selvan? Isn’t that the real reason, Vanathi?”

“Is that wrong, Akka?”

“No, it is not. Leaving me alone and going is wrong, though.”

“Akka, I am not leaving you alone. You have so many girls like me in this palace to ensure you are never alone, and to do as you wish.”

The Princess sighed, “I am saddened that even you have started talking like this. I think the recent news of my brother is making you talk like this. You do not need to worry too much about my brother.”


“Vanathi, listen to me. I am going to tell you exactly what I told the crowd from the balcony. I am sure my brother is not in danger. Just like the Goddess Cauvery had rescued my brother when he was young, I am sure Samudra Rajan would have saved him this time as well. Wait and see. You will hear some good news soon.”

“How are you so sure, Akka?”

“Something inside me tells me so.”

“I have lost faith in intuition, Akka. The other day, when I fainted and fell into the water, I saw the Prince’s face on the water. I have been seeing this for quite some time – the Prince’s face on water surfaces. After I fell into the water, I was dragged down to Nagalokam. I saw a wedding ceremony happening there.”

“And, whose wedding was it?”

“That I do not wish to share. But after all this, I have decided not to believe in intuition, dreams and the workings of the mind. I have decided to believe only what I see and what I hear.”

“A lot of times, what you see and what you hear may not be the truth, but you can always believe what your heart tells you. There are so many examples from history that I can cite for you.”

“That can wait for another time, Akka. Can you please give me permission to leave for Kodumbalur now?”

The Princess was surprised to see the change in Vanathi. She was talking so boldly. She had never seen her like this before.

“Can you not wait for a few days? The kingdom is in turmoil. I want to send you in a safe manner.”

“Akka, the four warriors and the palanquin bearers who brought me here, have been resting here for years. They can take me back. No one would dare touch Vanathi of Kodumbalur in this kingdom, especially since everyone knows that I am the Princess’ favourite. Please give me permission Akka. Also, I plan to stop by the Kudandai Josiyar on the way. I want to ask him a few questions.”

The Princess was surprised and shocked at Vanathi’s transformation.

“I was also planning to visit the astrologer. But you seem to be in a hurry…”

“Akka, this time, I would like to consult him in private.”

Kundavai realised that Vanathi was unstoppable now.

“Ok. You go and get ready for your journey. I am going to the prison to release the Vanarkula warrior.”